More Videos Added, and Snapchat Takeover Announced

I’ve had a busy day today.

I’ve uploaded some more videos from Okeechobee on to YouTube, including Mac Miller, Future, Tom Morello’s DJ set at Aquachobee, and a Random DJ and rapper that set up their equipment at Aquachobee between the beach stages sets. 

Also, today we announced the first ever MusicFests365 Snapchat Takeover ! 

Tomorrow, @dfitz_g on snapchat and Instagram will be taking over MusicFests365 Snapchat for Excision in Cleveland ! We are working on more takeovers, and looks like we may already be getting some next week. Check out are snapchat to watch, and if you are going to a concert or festival event you think would go well on MusicFests365 please contact via email,, or via DM on Instagram or Twitter. 

I will be creating a page here on the site soon with a schedule of who will be taking over, and when, where and what they will be doing ! 

Thanks fest fam !



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