Imaginers, GET READY


wordpress promo 3In less than ONE WEEK, Atlanta will be filled with thousands of  EDM lovers from all over

The fest will be bringing a mass array of world known EDM artists from House to Trap, Trance, Dubstep, Hardstyle and really anything in-between. The Imagine Team and IRIS has worked very hard to BLOW! YOUR! MINDS!

Because of other local festivals taking a break this year, many annual attendees will be looking for something to fill its place and, that is why the team has worked even harder this year to do just that!

What does this mean?

Imagine will be be bigger and better in MANY ways. way more artist, way more space, way more people = waaay MORE FUN!

Atlanta officials are working with IRIS & the whole Imagine Team and they are also excited for Imagine Fest to bring in a crowd bigger than expected. Believe it or not, festivals bring a positive draw to most cities, regardless of the “drug-crazed” stereotype most get thrown into. Economically, it’s great! So, prepare for something special.

With all of the work IRIS and the Team has put in to make this experience more than special, it’ll definitely be one for the books! Come connect souls while listening to great music with fellow weirdos from all over!

See you soon, Imaginers!




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