IMF, Lack of Water


With the crowd they expected, many say IMF was just unprepared. Don’t get me wrong, the sets were absolutely amazing! The festival, all around, was incredible. From the sound systems to the lights and the great artists, they went all out. Because of this, WE went all out.

Of course, providing a good show to please everyone is important but,

Safety should ALWAYS be the focus


They put “signs out”

Personally, I walked the ENTIRE venue and never found a water refill station inside. I had to walk basically outside of the stadium and use a water fountain. The vendors, of course, had water but almost ALL of them ran out. Chances are, if you even could find water, it was extremely over priced or, you had to walk all of the way back to your camp. They had a sprinkler set up and at one point, we just unscrewed it and used the hose.

Again, the shows were outstanding. But, with the very large venue, the weird setup and, the heat combined, water, out of everything, shouldn’t have been an issue

Remember basic survival needs and if they aren’t provided, find a way!

 All we can do is just hope this improves and won’t be an issue in the future!

I hope all of you who joined us out there threw down and made the best of it just as much as we did!



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