Flume takes Boston

I was instantly hooked when I first heard Flume. His unique melodic sounds were perfectly paired with soulful lyrics. His music was powerful enough to put me in the happiest of spirits. His remixes and self-titled album were exceptional and I knew I had to see him live.

In 2014, I was lucky enough to see him perform at the Royale in Boston, MA. The show was more than just an artist mixing his favorite tracks; it was a spectacular expression of music through multiple channels of production. A combination of entrancing lights, background visuals displaying captivating graphic designs (sometimes even story lines), and large scale geometric structures aided in the beautiful journey of music to make it a total work of art.

In 2015, Flume came back to Boston, this time to the House of Blues. I was excited to see him again and at a different venue. I knew any spot would have a good view, but ended up with second floor Upper Mezzanine Standing Room Only. I had a spot on the railing with a perfect view left side of the stage. The performance once again left me in a blissful state.

When I found out Flume was going on a world tour this year with his new album, Skin, I was more than excited. He would be at the House of Blues again for a two-day event. I got tickets for the first show, which was on Monday, August 29, 2016. The tickets were for second floor Mezzanine yet again.

I had been listening to the new album since it dropped at the end of May. From beginning to end, the whole album was pure gold. I eagerly waited for the show and expected another masterpiece.

The day had finally arrived and I couldn’t stop smiling. Nothing had even happened yet but the anticipation alone had ahold of me. I knew I was about to be spoiled with fantastic music, art, and vibes.

When I got inside to the second floor, I found a spot on the railing in pretty much the same exact place I had seen him the previous year. It was okay because it was such a marvelous view.

Flume gets you ready for his set with a buildup of music and lights. This time a black curtain hung from the stage and when the music dropped, it did too, and so started the musical journey.  There were massive four-sided geometric structures that changed colors and were in sync with the music. Some of the visuals included the album cover, star filled space, free flowing designs, and the tension before a kiss between lovers. Flume did a wonderful job flawlessly transitioning between music from his new album, his first album, and some remixes. It really was the whole package. You could feel the joyful energy in the room and every single person was affected. The crowd demanded an encore, which he so graciously provided.

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I was able to leave the show unbelievably happy and have carried those feelings with me since then. Flume is more than a record producer and musician; he is an artist with a special gift.

If Flume comes to an area near you, I personally recommend going, you won’t be let down. I know I’ll be seeing him in Boston again. Thank you Flume, my fellow ravers, and the House of Blues staff for making it a night to remember.

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