The Expansion of The Forest


In the beginning, Electric Forest was originally Rothbury Festival. Rothbury lasted two years (2008-2009) until the festival took a one year hiatus in 2010, only to return the following summer as EF. Since the inaugural year in 2011, EF has led tens of thousands of people to convene annually, at what is known as “The Ranch,” in the quaint, small town of Rothbury, Michigan. People come from across the country and around the world every summer to experience a four-day, multi-genre (mainly EDM and Jam band), music and arts festival that is truly one of a kind. For one four day weekend out of the summer for the last five years, this town of less than 500 residents has boomed to more than 40,000 people. However, for EF2017 that one weekend a summer will finally be expanded to TWO FOUR DAY WEEKENDS!

The EF website stated it has decided to do this with the hopes of accommodating the growing demand for tickets; while simultaneously “preserving the intimacy and integrity of the festival.” This makes perfect sense to an EF newbie, considering EF2016 sold out just days before New Year’s, and months before the lineup was announced. EF2017 will be held on two back-to-back weekends (June 22-25 & June 29- July 2), but the total capacity per weekend, or number of attendees allowed each weekend, will be reduced. In fact it is said the capacity will be reduced by approximately 10% each weekend from the 2016 size. It was considered making the overall capacity larger for the one weekend, but EF ultimately decided against that because they thought the over crowdedness would undermine the entire experience for patrons.

Each weekend will have similarities and differences alike, but it should be noted that none of the eight days will be the same; everyday will be its own unique experience. There will be artists who appear on the lineup for both weekends and some that only appear on the lineup for one weekend. Some artist have multiple sets over one of the weekends, but regardless if artists are on both lineups or performing at multiple times, no two sets will be the same. Each time an artist’s preforms their set will be tailored to the times and place in which they are playing. Essentially there will be NO REPEAT PERFORMANCES. Certain events, themes, and installations will be specific to a day or weekend and will not be repeated over both. However, many of these events, themes, and instillations will be announced prior to the on sale of weekend passes. Initial lineups will be announced before public on sale of tickets as well, in order give perspective patrons a feel for each weekend so they can decide which one they would rather attend. Attending both weekends is certainly allowed, but in-between weekends all patrons must exit the ranch in order to allow sufficient cleanup of the grounds. As far as pricing goes, tickets for each weekend will priced the same as they were for 2016; early entry parking passes will also be available again this year for each weekend. SEE YOU AT THE RANCH!


Written by Truxtun Umsted III

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