“I don’t want you to get struck by lightning, so let me choke you out and break your arm.” Security Guard at Music Midtown Chokes Festival Goers for not leaving.

So if you didn’t know, this past weekend was Music Midtown in Atlanta, with headliners like Beck, Twenty-One Pilots, The Killers, and Deaemou5. 

On Sunday, once a thunderstorm warning was in effect, Music Midtown decided to evacuate the festival until it was safe to resume.

Many festival goers, especially the ones near the front of the stage, didn’t want to leave, so it was securities job to get them to leave. Now, those people should have left when they were told to, BUT that does not at all give security the right to treat people the way the lone security guard was treating people in the following videos posted on Twitter @MusicMidtown (to no response ofcourse):

Countless numbers of people have told stories of their weekends being ruined because of this. I get it, the security was told to get people out of the festival for safety reasons…

But does choking people out because you don’t want them to get struck by lighting make ANY sense to ANYONE?!? 

People in power, whether it be security, police, government, or festival organizers need to get the message: We the people will not tolerate this behavior. 

Please @ MusicMidtown, contact the news, RT the videos, whatever you can do to help bring this injustice to justice. 

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