Put your Z’s up for Zeds Dead



This past summer, Canadian producers and DJ duo, Zeds Dead, announced the release of a new album titled Northern Lights while also announcing an international Northern Lights tour for the fall. Electro house hip-hop mixed with heavy bass lines make up the unique sounds that listeners feel right to the core.

I had seen Zeds Dead three times before; twice at outdoor festivals and once at an indoor venue. So when they announced a Northern Lights tour, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to rage and head bang to some filthy dubstep with what I imagined would be stunning visuals and spectacular light shows.

What also sealed the deal on buying a ticket to this event was hearing the song “Blame” off the new album. The song stood out to me in more than one way and honestly resonated with me. From original sounds to lovely vocals and lyrics, it was a beautifully composed creation. I knew the whole album would be like that, and it was. The album is of a different style but has a vibrant and fun quality to it, taking you into a new awe-inspiring world, like the phenomenon of the Northern Lights.

The show was on Monday, October 3, 2016 at the House of Blues in Boston, MA. My friends and I had floor tickets which made us very happy. We weaved our way through an amazing high energy atmosphere, full of happy people all ready to dance.

Our spot on the floor was in the back middle (more toward the right side) with a wonderful view of the stage and screen. As I waited for Zeds Dead, I looked around the room at all the people thrilled to be there. I saw a lot of people rocking Zeds Dead apparel, as well as many Basslights shirts/hats, Bassnectar Pins, and LED Glovers. The crowd alone was making my Monday night one to remember.

When Zeds Dead came on, the energy immediately amplified. They opened with amazing sound quality, soul-shaking bass, and lights perfectly tailored to the music. The hypnotizing display of lights with the music really captivated the crowd and everyone moved together as one. The screen visuals danced between colorful patterns, the famous ZD logo, skeletons, and my favorite; northern light skies with mountain landscapes. The set was flawlessly balanced between new music, old music, and remixes; transitioning from grimy head banging beats to beautifully chill arm swaying vocals, while always keeping a plethora of hard bass.

The show was full of energy and I did not want it to end. They were having us throw up the Z’s with our hands and left us all with just the right amount of drum and bass coupled with good vibes to carry with us home. It all came full circle after seeing the set and hearing the album, it’s all about balance, in this case of music style and songs. But the lesson of balance can be applied to everything in life.

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Zeds Dead never disappoints. Whether you get the opportunity to see them at a festival or their own show, go. It’s more than the music, it’s the atmosphere.

Thank you Zeds Dead, my fellow ravers, and the House of Blues staff for the best Monday show.


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