Everybody loves GRiZ


I think we can all agree when I say that GRiZ, is the man. And if you’re not familiar, here are some reasons why. He’s an amazing human being whose motto is to“Show Love Spread Love”. Grant Kwiecinski or GRiZ is a one of a kind artist and producer who is changing the game of electronic music with his own funky twist.

GRiZ is the founder of the All Good Records label and develops other talented artists under this label. Brilliant, full of energy and bursting with funk, GRiZ knows how to perform and is on a mission to bring back the funk!

You can’t help but “get the funk down” when you hear the friendly vibes of his music. GRiZ is not only a DJ but an exceptional saxophone player as well. He incorporates saxophone solos and support flawlessly into his live shows. GRiZis a man of funk, but that doesn’t limit him in the slightest. In his original works you can hear the influence of classic hits, dub, and blues that shape his music.

He released his new album, “Good Will Prevail” this past September, and I am not lying when I say that every single song is remarkable. I listened to the whole album in one sitting and was completely blown away by the music and the message behind his work. GRiZ created this album as reminder to be the light and that even when times are bad, to never give up. We need to collectively come together with love and righteousness. I think that’s a great universal message which also applies to events going on in the world right now.

When the “Good Will Prevail” tour was announced, there was no question that I would be in attendance.  The show was on Sunday, November 6, 2016 at the House of Blues in Boston, MA. I had second floor Upper Mezzanine Standing Room tickets, although floor would have been ideal. I knew the second floor would be good, so I couldn’t complain. It didn’t matter anyways as I ended up going right to the third floor to meet up with friends. I had never seen a show on the third floor of the venue. It was a decent size balcony that had both seating and standing room area. The view of the stage and production had the upper hand on the third floor because you were able to get dead center without being too crowded. This vantage point provided a unique perspective on an amazing production. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the show from up there!

GRiZ came out with his homie and longtime friend, Muzzy Bear, who plays guitar. Together they instantly amplified and uplifted the audience. Their high energy was contagious and you could see how much fun they were having just jamming together. He dropped most of the songs off his new album but with a special twist. GRiZ and Muzzy had some amazing breaks giving the show a bit of a jam feel. Some of the songs were indistinguishable, but all carried the same power and passion to the room.

The set had it all from the classic jam to funk, to dubstep, drum and bass and hip-hop. He notably closed the show with “We are the Champions” by Queen which got the entire venue singing.

The lights were bright and colorful, it was clear that everything had been brought to the table. The visuals were eye catching with everything from patterns to psychedelic animations. The huge disco ball which hangs high above the middle of the venue was slowly turning, reflecting all the pretty lights and making the whole place gleam. And I especially loved when the screen would split to a live feed of GRiZ and Muzzy going in on their instruments and producing such soul smiling tunes.


The crowd was going wild with enthusiasm and the energy did not let up. It was one of the highest energy shows I had been to recently and it was definitely because everybody loves GRiZ, his music, and message. It is safe to say that GRiZ has stepped up his game and has a very positive future.

GRiZ also surprised Boston the weekend before the show by announcing a DJ set after party that nigh at a club in Boston called Ascend. I did not wait to pick up my ticket and was more than thrilled to continue the party with GRiZ and more of my friends too. Two GRiZ sets in one night! This was simply just a treat. Grant always comes up with surprisingly generous pop up shows that help make the GRiZ family so close. This event was great for anyone (21+) who wanted to keep the party going late into the night or a perfect opportunity for those who didn’t make it to the live show. His DJ set was just as sensational as the show, showcasing his impressive skills mixing tracks and keeping the energy high and love in the air.

If you have had the pleasure of seeing his “Good Will Prevail” tour you understand that GRiZ is taking it to the next level. If the tour is coming to a city near you, I highly suggest checking it out. The best part about it all is that even after the tour has ended, the album will live on. It will be loved for years and years to come and the important timeless messages will carry good fortune and hope.

Thank you to GRiZ for all the love you show and spread. I will continue to live up to those expectations and encourage others to do the same. Thank you to all my fellow funky friends for getting as down as we did on a Sunday night, and thank you to the House of Blues staff for a fantastic event.

Good Will Prevail Tour Info


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