Savoy: Today Tomorrow Tour Interview

One of the best things about music is that there are no rules. Creative boundaries are pushed and stretched with passion to produce a unique outcome. Music has incredible abilities which are all possible because of the artists who pour their hearts and souls into it.

A group of artists who stand out among the rest is, Savoy. They are an electro-house rock trio who’s been making a name for themselves and continues to share their musical talents with many. With their new EP and tour coming soon, I decided to reach out to the group for an interview. They were kind enough to answer my questions and help bring insight into their musical minds and ability.

➢ You’re about to set out on a tour for your new EP, Tomorrow Today Pt. 1, can you please comment on this upcoming EP as well as tour excitement and expectations.

“This EP is titled “Tomorrow Today Part 1” because it is a dance record that exists across many time periods. We wanted to make something with musical substance and longevity, a classic, record that could have lived in 1979 or in 2027. Music trends in modern dance music are viral and one song could spawn a snowballing bandwagon of producers that copy that sound to fit the style of the moment. Instead of conforming to any flash in the pan nonsense we committed to writing a body of work that was founded on artistic integrity. The EP sounds refreshing but familiar and the live elements weaving throughout the synthetic sounds really bring the music to life. We think “Tomorrow Today Part 1” has many special musical moments that we are very proud of, moments that genuinely define our sound but are reminiscent of our favorite records from the past.”

“The challenge in writing an EP for the listening experience is that it doesn’t always translate well to the live shows. When we are on stage, we know its our job to throw a party so we have spent a long time reworking and remixing the new songs to hit really hard in the live context. When everyone knows the words and can sing along you can flip some things around to create a lot of excitement and surprise everyone for the best.”

➢ What is it like to incorporate instruments into electronic music and how does that factor into the overall energy brought to your live shows?

“Our ability to play live instrumentals on stage is the key to bringing our electronic productions to life. At the core we are still a dance act making music for people to move to. But the systematic building and dropping of the typical dance show can become routine enough to take the magic away. With guitar solos, drum grooves, and funky bass grooves, we can shift the focus off the computer to develop more depth and character to our performances. Playing instruments on stage is not a novel concept by any means, but in the dance world it is hard to find groups that are able to find a good balance between human and machine. If you can accentuate a great dance production with tasteful musicianship, you can put on a heroic arena rock show with all the modern elements of a modern dance show.”

➢ You have a reputation for bringing epic production aspects to your live shows, like lasers; can we expect ‘mo lasers’ during this tour as well? And why is production important to you?

“It is important to engage the audience in clever and engaging ways with stage production. For us that usually means a lot of lasers! We are really excited to be bringing out all the lasers on this tour and the production will be more impressive than ever. For this tour we are striving to make the show about the music first and use the lasers to accent the music as much as possible. The lasers are another instrument in the band and they need to be playing the right notes for the show to be at its best.”

➢ Where would you like to see Savoy in the next few years? What are your goals?

“The future of Savoy will involve us pushing musical boundaries. We want to make music with purpose and music that is honest to our musical roots. We want to make quality, listenable albums that we remix and mash together for a high energy, techno, arena rock, performances. We want to be known for bringing rock and roll back and for changing what electronic music means. We don’t care if we piss some people off along the way because being polarizing is a sign of doing something right.”

➢ Lastly, what messages do you have for other aspiring artists?

“Make music that you like because otherwise nothing is worth it. If you’re honest with yourself and your musical personality you can make some cool things that could really mean something.”

I’d like to thank Savoy for their time, energy, and enlightment. It takes a special type of group who can vibe together so well to create a universal and timeless language such as music. If Savoy is coming to a city near you, I highly suggest attending. Not only will their music and energy blow you away, but knowing how they feel deep in their hearts will make it even more enjoyable.






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