Shaky Beats 2017 : One Hell of a City Fest

The first Shaky Beats in 2016 was only my third festival, and second festival as MusicFests365. Shaky Beats 2017 is now my #10. Its been a Hell of a year.

The difference between this year and last year, last year I didn’t have a logo, I didn’t pass out wristbands, and I sure as hell didn’t have a flag. This time around instead of going alone, I spent the weekend with my brother, his girlfriend, and two of their friends (also mine) that also had went to Okeechobee.

With 2 MusicFests365 flags in the venue, sometimes one in the front and one in the back, sometimes one on each side, I had hundreds of people come up to me saying they followed me, and loves MusicFests365.

The Centennial Olympic Park venue is amazing, and probably one of the best city venues in the country. The entire park is on a slowly declining hill, with the Main stage at the bottom, so if your short like me, you had a few extra inches to stand a little bit taller behind the 6’5″ ‘bro’ that just pushed his way in front of you. Or, if you were in the back, you had an amazing view of everyone, and the stage, with the Atlanta nightlife and iconic Farris wheel in the background.

Walking in Day 1 with Allison Wonderland coming on stage was amazing, but to tell the truth, RL Grime was one of my favorite bass and headbanging sets, of all time. He through in that ‘ATL HOE’ style with rap lyrics from more low key songs. While, low key on a national level, very popular songs among the RL Grime crowd. Most EDM DJ’s think it is still “Panda.. Panda.. Panda..” or “I Got Broads in Atlanta,” but lets get real, that was 2016, and when you start to hear more than half the DJ’s drop the same songs, it gets annoying.

Nevertheless, “Panda.. Panda.. Panda..” and “I Got Broads in Atlanta,” were probably my only negative thing to say about it. Every stage, Ponce De Leon, Piedmont, and Peachtree, all “LIT.”

Galantis was a group I knew I liked and would like, but I had no idea they would compare to the shows ive seen from Odesza. Dont get me wrong Odesza played the main stage at Shaky Beats the previous year, but Galantis being on the middle of the three stages made it a whole lot more intimate then I would have expected.

Snails and Slushii both killed their performances at the festival, and went just as hard at the after parties Friday and Saturday night. Saturday night, after his after party set, Slushii brought out Datsik B2B, and the night just got even crazier.

EDC Orlando, watching a naked guy walk past us completely confused as the light rain came down and everyone sang along to the all too familiar song “I ain’t got no Santaria!” Snowglobe Lake Tahoe California, a festival in the snow on one of the most beautiful lakes ive ever seen, to Shaky Beats Atlanta, closing out the festival. The Chainsmokers brought emotion over me like never before.

Reminiscing on the entire weekend, reminiscing on the entire year, looking around and seeing all the happy faces, we were all sharing some of the best moments of our lives. That’s what life is about. Those moments you’ll remember forever.

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