Decadence Colorado: The City Beyond Tomorrow

The New Year is upon us and our electronic saving grace is the multitude of festivals that will take place over the holiday weekend. While there’s many contenders for the festival to be at this year, in our humble opinion, Decadence Colorado takes the cake. With a lineup featuring artists such as Bassnectar, Odesza, Slander, Big Gigantic, Zedd, Space Jesus, and so many more, how could you not travel to the mile high city for an unforgettable weekend? Decadence boasts 3 captivating stages in an indoor facility (crucial for this time of the year, and if you’ve frozen your ass of at Snowglobe in years
past, you know where we’re coming from). Crew members have worked tirelessly to pull together what is expected to be a magical weekend in the City Beyond Tomorrow.

Unlike many non-camping festivals, Decadence has made certain that the music won’t be the only reason to attend. With various non-musical performers and characters scattered about the venue, they’ve made sure to make it about the entire experience rather than just the performing artists. With stages named “Cyber District”, “Time Vault”, and “The Grid” it’s sure to be a futuristic experience guaranteed to have us hyped for the New Year. As they so humbly put it, “escape the mundane and infiltrate The Grid to unlock the mysteries of the future, step inside the Time Vault and enter a sector of the city that exists beyond temporal constraints, or explore the marvels of the digital wonderland that is the Cyber District Silent Disco.”

Decadence is a two day festival that falls on Saturday the 30th and Sunday the 31st, which is fortunate for those who have to catch a last minute flight after work on Friday. Day passes are available for those who are unable to attend the whole weekend with VIP options available for both 2 day and 1 day passes. If you plan on arriving early to Denver, the official pre-party will take place Thursday December 28th at Beta Nightclub. Can anyone else think of a better way to kick off the weekend than downtown Denver with Nghtmare? Tickets are selling out fast, however, so if you plan on making it out to Colorado (you should) we recommend jumping on your plans. If you don’t have anyone to make it out with, feel free to DM @musicfests365 and we will make sure you have plenty of family to ring in the New Year with, we promise, it’ll be worth it!

For a sneak peek of the lavish festivities to come, visit @decadencenye on Instagram or hop over to the official website for lineup info, tickets, and more: . Simply put, “there will be no shortage of amazement once you step inside the Decadent paradise that is Decadence Colorado.”

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