GriZ: Live Band “The Get Down” NYE Night 1

Walking up to the U.S. Cellular Center in Asheville, NC I was surrounded by people who were all there for the same thing, to see GriZ for the first of his two night run.  This New Years was a little bit different from the ones in the past.  GriZ brought on his live band to perform with him.  This was something I had to see because with him being one of my favorite DJ’s it was a new and different experience that was going to be phenomenal.  The show was all general admission, so if you wanted to be up close and personal on the floor you could, or if you wanted to sit up in the seats higher and enjoy the view and everything at the top you could as well.  We decided to do both, and started the first set off on the floor.

The anticipation of seeing GriZ with the live band was finally upon us.  The lights dropped and then immediately shined on him, his saxophone, and the FULL ON BAND.  They opened up with “Good Times Roll” and that’s exactly what happened.  Both GriZ and his band went HARD and FUNKY.  The whole arena was dancing, smiling, and enjoying this magical moment that a lot of us were seeing for the first time.  From the beginning to the end we all became one big dancing family with good vibes flowing all around. For the second part of his set, we went up to the seats to be able to see the entire stage and the crowd below that I had just been apart of.  It was just as magical but in a different setting.  The band ended with singing “na na na na hey hey hey goodbye” as they waved goodbye, we all hugged each other and waved back to the band.

GriZ then came on the mic and gave us some words for us to leave with saying goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018.  He reminded us that although there were some hard times in 2017, that we made it through and got to be there together in that moment, and that it meant there were going to be more good times coming into 2018. He then continued that we have ourselves and each other and to hold on to that and  to, “Take care of each other, and love each other unconditionally.”  At the end you could see the arena left in even happier than when they arrived, and in that moment I knew that is where I was meant to be.

GriZ Live Band brought a whole new appreciation and love for him that I had never experienced before.  It took his music and exemplified it in the best way that made you truly feel it.  If you have the chance to see him with his live band, trust me and GO! They’ll be at Electric Forest both weekends.  So if you’re going, check it out, even if just for a little bit! You can find me dancing my way through the crowd Weekend 2! #ShowloveSpreadlove

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