Buku 2018 Festival Recap

Buku Music & Art Project (Festival) was this past weekend, and even though I was exhausted, congested, and sore from Okeechobee, I was MORE than glad I forced myself to go.

The vibes at Buku aren’t necessarily as good as festivals like Electric Forest or Okeechobee, but for a city festival, it’s  high up on the list and may even be one of the TOP vibes for a city festival. The staff of Buku are above all else, even security was extremely friendly, and never once did I see any staff being overly aggressive (like I have seen a lot of this past year).

The scenery of the New Orleans Port is unique, and even though when we first got there on friday we had to wait 20 minutes for the train to go by, it was cool to experience a festival in that environment.

The way set times were scheduled and spread out amongst the stages made it so no one really stayed too long at one stage, it was fairly easy to get around and to any spot in the crowd, even the rail.

They do not allow totems or selfie sticks at Buku, so lazers and being able to see the stage production was AMAZING compared to festivals that allow totems; even though I do love totems.

All in all, for the price, and being able to afterparties and having Bourbon street right there to go to after the festival, I think I will be coming back to Buku for many years to come.


Watch our Buku Recap Video Below !

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