X Games Aspen

Another Colorado winter is in the books with the annual X Games here to curb our festival appetite until the season begins. With Louis The Child, The Chainsmokers, and Kygo performing over the four day weekend there’s no question why the X Games have a reputation of selling out completely year after year.

The X Games is possibly the most well-organized three day event- even with the masses of teens and young 20-something’s that flock to the mountain. Shuttles run every 15 minutes from the free parking lot just five minutes down the road. (Tip: if you park at the Intercept Lot, they do a bag search before getting on the shuttle which allows you to avoid the long security line at the base of the mountain). The concert area is separate from the actual X Games, but only by a quick two minute walk. The games are still visible from the back, with a spectacular view of Buttermilk Mountain to boot. Although each night was sold out, the area is large enough to accommodate a crowd three times the size. As we all know, just because you can pack more people in doesn’t mean you should- something the organizers of this event understand.

VIP goers had two options available to them, a designated area at the front of the stage or a private bar area with a raised viewing area, heaters and all. Bathroom lines were never long with plenty at the back, and a bar area for general admission as well. With a decent sized stage, quality production, performances by some of EDM’s most widely-known DJ’s, and a tribute to Avicii from Kygo, it was impossible to not have an unforgettable weekend.

To top it off, the X Games are free to the public. With the astoundingly low price of concert tickets, you’re getting a bargain for any day you choose to attend. Not to mention students have the option of purchasing a two-day lift ticket to all four of Aspen’s ski areas for just $95.

If you’re looking to book a ski trip to Colorado, it’s worth it to plan your trip around the annual X Games- but don’t wait to jump on your tickets as this weekend sells out quick every year.


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