Elements Lakewood Music and Arts Festival 2019


We are only a little over two months away from Memorial Day weekend, which brings upon us the highly anticipated Elements Lakewood Music and Arts Festival. Elements Lakewood has proven itself as a staple summer festival in the North East attracting top creative talents year after year. Rain or shine, Elements Lakewood is the perfect MDW camping get away filled with amazing music, arts and delicious foods, while also hosting an abundance of additional activities curated to please the entire group. 

Lakewood consistently balances the ever so increasing fine line of supplying crowd rocking musical headliners like Big Gigantic, Fisher and Liquid Stranger, without dipping much into the mainstream artist pool. Beyond the well-balanced main acts, Elements Lakewood does an even better job of providing one of the most unique and exciting undercards you can find.

With that said, we have three up and coming must see artists on this year’s undercard:

Steve Darko

We’re starting things off here with recent 2018 Dirtybird signee, Steve Darko. After signing on with the Claude Von Stroke mega team, Darko’s found his way on some major lineups such as Holy Ship 12.0/13.0 and has been absolutely killing it. Check out his newest tunes here:https://soundcloud.com/stevedarkomusic – along with singles Fried and Fertilized or Thumbs, two of my absolute favorite tracks out right now.

Second up, we have Tyler Coomb, otherwise known as Of The Trees, hailing from the gorgeous New England city of Portland, Maine. Of The Trees brings a very uncommon style perfect for the Lakewood vibe and audience. His 2018 Ep “Harvest” has pleased fans and critics alike. Touring for most of 2018, 2019 is looking just as busy – we are excited to see what new tunes are on the horizon. You can find some of his older stuff on his Soundcloud page here: https://soundcloud.com/ofthetrees

Of The Trees

I suggest starting off with hit single One Thing, a song released with fellow collaborator Pysmbionic. This tune was remixed by one of my favorite Djs Bassnectar and was included on Lorin’s fan favorite ninth studio album, Into The Sun. https://soundcloud.com/bassnectar/one-thing-bassnectar-remix

Last but not least we have Jason Randall, more known as DropKat, a growing legend in the NYC house scene and a regular at the House of Yes in Brooklyn.

Dropkat is a familiar face here at Elements performing for past Element events such as the NYC Elements after party last summer where he threw down my favorite set of his to date. If you ever find yourself in the NYC area we highly suggest checking Dropkat out at the House of Yes. ( pic from Dropkat IG here:https://www.instagram.com/dropkat/?hl=en )

Find Dropkats Elements After Party set here: https://soundcloud.com/dropkat/opening-for-the-knocks.

Memorial Day weekend cannot come soon enough; we hope to see you all there!

For ticketing and festival information, please visit the Elements Lakewood Website here: https://www.elementsfest.us/ 
Ticketing: https://nightout.com/events/elements-lakewood-camping-festival-mdw-2019/5-24-2019/116288/tickets

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Robby J Fields is MusicFests365’s Jr Editor. Follow Him On Twitter and IG

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