This afternoon Space Mom REZZ took to Twitter to announce that her new EP is nearing release. While they’re still in the process of preparing assets/video, the EP that she first teased us with in February, is now days (hopefully) away from release.

While fans can keep their fingers crossed for more new music on the horizon, REZZ has yet to share her timeline on when she plans to roll it out. With her extensive touring we couldn’t help but think, like other artists, it would be sometime before she blessed us with new music- and we’re so happy we were wrong.

If you’d like to stay up-to-date with REZZ, be sure to follow her on Twitter, as this is where you’ll likely see the latest updates straight from the artist herself. New music won’t stop her from making appearances on the festival circuit, though, so be sure to look out for her as you plan your season.

Twitter / instagram

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