On a week filled with a couple exciting new music releases, we are happy to see the long awaited and independently launched, ‘Gutter Music 3 (PT.1), from our friend Jantsen Robertson, otherwise known as Jantsen. Gutter Music 3 is the third installment of a current 3 part series that saw its first launch with Gutter Music 1 back in 2007, followed by Valhalla Mix Series #001: Jantsen (Gutter Music Vol. 2), in 2017. Rumors of a Jantsen ‘EP’ later this year have been circulating within fan groups and if so, this new Gutter Music was a nice spark to the year. ‘Gutter Music 3’ is a 2 part series and word around town is we can expect part 2 sometime this summer.

This new musical venture comes without the support of any major label and introduces four unreleased tracks w/Dirt Monkey, Mersiv, Gnar + Gnar, and more. Some additional unreleased content was also provided by some friends.

Part 1 of the 2 part series offers a ton of smooth and original rap/hip-hop/reggae overlays, while never dismissing Jantsens beloved head-knocking, party fueling bass. ‘Gutter Music 3 (PT.1), has quickly entered into MusicFests party playlists for 2019 (playlists soon to come!), and part 2 is going to be absolute summer madness.

Jantsen has been a long time favorite of ours and recently performed during MusicFests365’s 2018 Pre-Decadence party in his home state of Denver, Colorado this past winter.

Jantsen at Your Moms House, Denver, CO – MusicFests365

His camp has been moving and grooving in 2019 most recently wrapping up some ELECTRIC performances during Bassnectars first international get away, Deja Voom. Deja was an almost week long Bassnectar music festival that took place in, Riviera Maya, Mexico, at the beginning of March.

Below are a few shots we were able to snag of the man himself getting down @Dejavoom and remember, “if you are just going to stand there GTFO the rail!”

photo: @robbyjjfields – Jantsen @DejaVoom
photo: @robbyjjfields – Jantsen @DejaVoom
photo: @robbyjjfields – Jantsen @DejaVoom

Please go give this project a listen, like, and follow. Jantsen is one of the best doing it right now.

Also, click Here for up to date 2019 event schedules and everything else Jantsen: https://www.jantsen.net/  

@robbyjjfiields Robby Joaquim Fields is MusicFests365’s Jr Editor. Follow Him On Twitter and IG

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