“Everything, as it begins, eventually comes to an end. But if we look to the horizon, sometimes, a faint light appears- and we set sail to the very corners of the Earth one last time.”

Earlier today, Odesza released a beautifully chilling video alluding to the AMA tour coming to an end; however, they did not share with their following exactly where “The Finale” will take place.

While fans have shared mixed feelings on the infamous A Moment Apart tour, many expressed their gratitude for two years of the grand production that most of us witnessed on more than one account. It’s unclear whether this means new music will be headed our way in another couple of years, or if they’ll simply be taking time off (much deserved time off if you ask us).

There’s also speculation as to where The Finale will take place. Prior to announcing Sundara, Odesza revealed they would not be returning to Red Rocks for 2019, but that hasn’t stopped fans from asserting that their final AMA stop could very well be Red Rocks.

Either way, we’re excited to see what new journey Odesza takes us on. Their AMA tour was a magical escape from reality when we needed it most, and we don’t expect anything less from their next project, whatever it may be. Although, we can say we do hope to hear more of their original style from their early days incorporated into their future work.

For now, we’ll just continue to watch this clip on repeat.

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