Elements Lakewood Hits Home With Ultimate Summer Camp Vibes

Elements Lakewood 2019 is fast approaching and over the years has been just as quickly joining the ranks as one of our favorite summer festivals. Elements Lakewood hits nostalgia on the nose with the most amazing Summer Camp vibes re-invented.

We absolutely love the Lake, who doesn’t want lakeside fun on Memorial day weekend? It adds a wonderful element to a camping festival and is simply gorgeous. Whether you find yourself walking the plank of the pirate ship or just lounging out on the beach-front catching rays, we are sure to find every Elements camper here at least a few times during their weekend.

Elements truly does a wonderful job of making everyone feel as though we are away at the most amazing summer camp there is. We often find ourselves “camping” at festivals but we all know cramming 10,000 tents in a wide open and hot field is not real camping – Elements is not this.

If you have no plans for MDW yet, look no further. Come find the MusicFest squad over at elements – you wont regret it!

For ticketing and festival information, please visit the Elements Lakewood Website here: https://www.elementsfest.us/


Robby J Fields is MusicFests365’s Jr Editor. Follow Him On Twitter and IG

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