Suwannee Hulaween Might Not Be Returning for 2019

Silver Wrapper, a Chicago based company that has helped put on Hulaween, announced it will be closing its doors; however, the future of Hulaween is still up in the air.

The beloved Florida Halloween-themed festival has a murky future, as the company stated, “The world is constantly changing, and the business of entertaining people has changed a lot in the last twenty years. We’ve enjoyed this process of providing amusement, and making people happy over those years, but it’s time for Silver Wrapper to step aside and let the next generation of ambitious, talented, and creative music fans step up and make their mark on Chicago and the world. The reality is that the quality of experience that we want to provide to music fans and the artists/teams that we work with is no longer a sustainable business model for Silver Wrapper.” – Provided by The Festive Owl.

Rumors began circulating late last year about the financial strain that had fallen upon the company- apparently unable to compensate all parties involved with Suwannee Hulaween in a timely manner. After addressing this issue, the company left festival-goers hopeful that they would get their affairs in order in time for 2019. While we’re unsure whether this marks the end, co-founder of Silver Wrapper released in his own statement that he plans to retain his role in Hulaween.

Either way, this news comes as a surprise for many who are still mourning the loss of fellow Florida-based festival, Okeechobee, that announced it would not be returning for 2019.

With the rise of the Electronic Music Scene, it appears as though smaller companies are struggling to keep up with industry giants who are booking festival favorites, along with artists who are branching into luxury, all-inclusive events that these corporations can’t compete with.

We can only hope that if it goes, it will be replaced with something as equal in magic and beauty. Fingers crossed that this isn’t the end for Hulaween.

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