In a tweet directly from Alison yesterday, she pleased fans with the new music announcement while also giving a brief background to the song, ” I wrote the song to help me find my own closure in something. I don’t feel at peace right now. In fact, I still feel kinda broken. No one gave me closure so I have to do it on my own. Someday, I’ll find peace.” A music video for the new tune also accompanied the release, the stunning visuals take place between a dark warehouse and bright peaceful spaces, highlighting the emotional instability we all can face at times, coupled with the struggle to find peace.

From start, Alison has unapologetically shared her emotions through her music and has been open with fans regarding past struggles with mental health. This openness has provided a comfort and certain devotion within her fanbase that is at this point somewhat unrivaled and certainly unique.

Stream her last award winning album, AWAKE, here:


And for everything else Alison, click here:

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