Avicii’s Family Announces Plan to Release Posthumous Album, Tim

It’s been almost a year since the EDM community was rocked by the news of Avicii’s sudden passing. The artist was known to struggle with anxiety, depression, and drug abuse, but was taking measures to regain control of his life and hopefully discover happiness within himself. He stopped touring in 2016.

Details of his death remain privileged information, although we know from friends that he appeared to be in high spirits before taking his trip to Muskat, Oman. While the family has remained relatively silent, according to the The New York Times, they have broken their silence with the announcement of the release of the album Tim.

Tim will be a collection of songs that Avicii worked on prior to his passing. According to The Times, “it is not a posthumous collection of musical leftovers. Instead, it concentrates on songs the artist was far into writing and producing during the last three months of his life, songs which his friends say, he very much wanted to release.” (Farber, New York Times, 2019)

The album is set to release in June, with the first track, “S.O.S.,” due to arrive April 10th.

Music producer Carl Falk has reportedly been working with a team to finish producing these songs for the last six months.

Avicii’s family also announced they will be launching a new charitable organization by the name of the Tim Bergling Foundation- set to support other groups involved with suicide prevention.

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