Meet The Uber Unique Sound Designer That Is Mystic Grizzly

Mystic Grizzly, AKA Jordan Hoffman is an instrument forward Producer/DJ from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, that has been on a roll and is showing no signs of slowing down. Mystic has been playing the guitar for over 8 years and has studied/played the harmonica, ukulele, and the drums. Participating in a few bands while honing in on his individual talents simultaneously allowed Jordan to create a very experimental style of his own. Specializing in raunchy psychedelic grime, psy-bass, glitch hop, and tribal world music beats, his live sets absolutely wow fans by providing an extremely unique listening experience. #manifestgang

Jordan understands the true spiritual effect and impact music has on humans and on life in general, Jordan has shifted his intention to LOVE and crafts his sound’s and song’s to give his listener’s one of a kind, mystical experience.

We are super excited to see Mystic on a bunch of line-ups this year, dont miss him if you have the chance. We will be covering the next Mystic stop in Philly this weekend, April 27th, come and say hi if you are in the area!

For ticketing information:

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