Paz Talks About New Single, ‘Fall Back To You’, His Trip To EDCLV, and Poutine

Hailing from the historic city of angels, Paz tells us a little about what keeps him going in the crazy grind of the music industry, hit new song ‘Fall Back To You‘, Ft, Nick Broadhurst, and whats in store for the rest of 2019.

Paz recently just wrapped up some absolutely massive performances at Coachella and Shaky Beats that could not have been more fun. It is easy to see the hype behind Paz once you have the opportunity to see him live; do yourself a favor and make that soon! It is hard to provide such high quality set and sound design every time you step behind the decks but thats exactly what he does and we thank you for your services. Paz mixes a perfect blend of soothing vocals, head-banging bass, dance-filled melodies, and most importantly, happy vibes.

The carefully unique construction Paz applies to each live set coupled with the the high energy and passion he brings is absolutely contagious! He easily is having the most fun at each and every one of his sets.

We cant wait to catch him a few more times this year and am excited for whats next because it is most certainly looking bright!


Hey Paz, thanks for hanging out with us today! So, to start things off, we see you recently attended EDC Las Vegas, we had the opportunity of attending the last two years and loved everything about it. Tell us a little about your experience this year? Who had your favorite set for the weekend?

I had a blast at EDC, its like the superbowl of edm. The great thing about that festival is its the one event almost every DJ goes to, so you run into a bunch of friends you haven’t seen in forever cause everybody’s touring. I had a bunch of favorite sets but Whipped Cream definitely stood out. She really impressed me with her energy and creativity

Your Shaky Beats set was killer! We were happy to cover that festival for our 3rd year, ATL always throws down – What’s your favorite festival that you’ve had the opportunity of performing for so far?

Thank you. Honestly I love every festival I play. I struggled for a long time not getting any shows at all so any time I get to be on a festival stage I’m excited as fuck to be there. Shaky was incredible. Ubbi Dubbi was also a blast. But Decadence Arizona might have been my favorite of the year so far.

We are loving the new song, ‘Fall Back To You’, with Nick Broadhurst. Super soothing vocals and still something fun to dance to. Can you tell us a little bit about the production on this one and maybe what your creative process looks like?

When I was working on that one I really wanted to push the limit of how hard I could go on such a beautiful vocal without completely destroying it lol. I absolutely loved the lyrics Broadhurst wrote, and I had this idea for the drop to blend bright synths with harder bass sounds, but it took a lot of trial and error to make that dynamic work. I’m really proud of how the 2nd drop came out — the bass growls sort of come out of nowhere and surprise you, but in a way that makes sense with the melody. I think you’ll be hearing more in that vein from me in the future.

Is Tiesto really your stepdad??

I don’t want to talk about it

What keeps you motivated in the crazy grind of the music industry?

Honestly its the edm community. Getting to play on stage for all my friends is the most amazing fucking feeling on earth and I never want to stop doing it. No matter what’s going on in my life, when I step on that stage for 60 minutes everything is perfect.

What do you hope fans take away from your music when they come to your shows and in total?

I want the 60 minutes fans spend with me at a show to be the best 60 minutes of their lives. I want them to have more fun than they’ve ever had. I want them to headbang, go hard in the pit, hug their best friends, sing at the top of their lungs, sweat their faces off, just experience the full range of human emotion and leave completely drained wanting to do it all over again.  If they weren’t having the time of their lives for a full hour then I didn’t do my job.

What do Paz fans have to look forward to next?

A ton of new music. I’ve been working so hard on these new tunes and I can’t wait to share them with everyone

We see you have a few sets lined up at some awesome festivals in Canada later this year, what are you looking forward to most during your trip to our friendly neighbors up north? – we also cant wait to catch you again at frequency burst this year!

At most shows we throw tacos. Maybe in Canada we’ll throw poutine…

I wonder if this deal is valid for poutine also?

Thanks for catching up with us, we really appreciate your time! Cant wait to see whats next for Paz and Co. Also, if you are not VIP AF, you should be!

Find all of Paz’ latest tracks on his Soundcloud and make sure to give him a follow on IG and twitter @pazpaz

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