The MusicFests365 Shambhala 2019 Survival Guide

photo by robby j fields; The Funk Hunters @Electric Forest

Shambhala 2019 is just about a week away and the MusicFests365 team could not be more excited. As the best festival in North America nears, we wanted to share our top few tips and tricks to make sure everyone has a truly unforgettable and safe experience on the farm!

1. Leave it BETTER!
Starting things off on an environmental note with leave it BETTER. The Shambhala forest and farm is an absolutely gorgeous spread of land hidden in Salmo River Valley British Columbia region of Canada and everyone takes keeping it clean extremely serious! We ask Shambha-family members to not only leave their areas the way they found it, but to leave it BETTER!

2. Ear Plugs
We cannot stress this one enough and of course it is personal preference but we highly suggest wearing ear plugs at Shambhala and typically when attending most types of live music. As avid music goers, ear plugs are a must MusicFests365 and we always have extras if you see us around. Shambhala boasts state of the art production especially with sound; it is going to be loud. There are some high-quality ear plugs out there very reasonably priced. Give amazon a quick look!

3. Sunscreen
Shambhala gets hot and cold so prepping for both is going to be best case here. The sun can be very strong and there is nothing worse than a quick day 1 sunburn that becomes your new Shambhala +1. Also, there are some sunscreen options that may not be the best for the Salmo River so please try and be cautious! Sharing is caring, if you see one of your fellow Sham-goers looking a little beat up from the sun, offer them some sunscreen!

4. Face Shield i.e. bandana, gators
Like ear plugs, face protection is always a festival necessity. With thousands of people walking around all weekend, dust in the air is inevitable, so pack an extra bandana and your nostrils and lungs will thank you later. 

Festival Hack; on really hot days, you can soak your bandana in some water for some quick self cooling!

Yes, you heard it here, Shambhala is a completely DRY festival. There is no alcohol on allowed on the premises and this includes all camping areas. Your car will be thoroughly searched upon entrance and any alcohol will be confiscated. We know no beer sounds a little off but just trust us on this one, Shambhala knows what they are doing!

6. Portable Charger
Another festival must, a portable charger, maybe 2! As much as we hate to admit it, your phone is pretty important these days and keeping it charged while in the woods can be a bit more difficult than we would like. Unless you are in Shambhaloding where there will be charging stations, you will be on your own here. There are some really cheap portable options that have a ton of charging capabilities. Find the one that suits your needs best and invest!   

7. Pack for hot and cold weather
Sham is known to get hot but also get pretty cold at night, pack for both! As of now, it is looking like day time highs in the upper 70s and the night hours dipping into the low 60s. If you have a VIP set up, please ensure your specific package includes bedding as all packages do not.

Festival Hack; Hand fans are life savers for day time heat!

8. Swimming and River Float Gear!
The Salmo River is a beautiful part of the experience so come prepared to fully enjoy it! Make sure to pack some swimgear, towels, and especially swimming shoes! It can get pretty rocky and with all the walking youll be doing a cut on your foot wont be great.

9. Leave it BETTER!
Just putting this one in again! It is CRUCIAL we leave the farm BETTER than when we found it!

10. Be kind, be open, dance, let free, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!
Shambhala is more than a festival, it is a community. Be kind to one another and if you see anyone looking like they might need some help then help them out! Explore on your own, say hi to strangers, there is so much to see on the farm. Come with an open mind and some sweet dance moves and you are good to go.

photo by robby j fields; Honeycomb @Electric Forest

11. Hydration
Hydration is key. The days will be long and hot, please make sure you are taking the proper precautions to stay hydrated. There will be well marked water stations and medical stands throughout the festival and camping grounds, make sure you and your group are familiarized with these locations. We want everyone to have the best time ever and that is hard to do if we aren’t taking proper care of our bodies. Drink water!

12. Healthy Fruits, Veggies and Foods
Piggy-backing off of the hydration tip, eating healthy foods like fruits and veggies will keep us out on the dance floor longer and feeling like a million bucks. You will be active all weekend, feed the machine!

Extra Information!!!

Below is the official PLAN YOUR JOURNEY link from Shambhala. This will include everything from Getting There, Shuttles and Transportation, Guides and Maps, What to Pack, Arrival & Entry, Parking, Camping, Getting Home, and the Shambhala official FAQ section.

Shambhala Music Festival
August 8th-12th
Salmo River Ranch British Columbia

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