32Stitches Reveals Haunting Set of Visuals for Horror Show’

It’s been quite the year for versatile producer 32Stitches as he has released track after track with each progressively defining and diversifying his sound even more than the last. Now the Indian-based artist returns with a chilling new addition to his release roster ‘Horror Show’, available now on all streaming platforms. 

The official ‘Horror Show’ music video brings viewers on an eerie visual journey complete with bass-drenched soundscapes, sinful red aesthetics and spine-chilling optics, accurately representing the enigma that is ‘Horror Show’.

‘Horror Show’ arrives as 32Stitches rides a massive wave of success from his latest release ‘Olympus’, receiving over 1,000,000 streams on YouTube alone. In 2019, 32Stitches has been a powerhouse with over four singles released including ‘Are We There Yet’ featuring BAER, ‘Need You’ and ‘Heroes’. With a rolodex of releases this year alone, the DJ and producer has only just begun to establish himself both as an artist capable of appealing to mainstream audiences and as one capable of experimenting with a seemingly limitless array of musical influences. Securing releases via Sony, Artist Intelligence Agency, Universal, Elixir, NCS and more, 32Stitches shows absolutely no signs of slowing down as he continues to cement himself as one of the most eclectic and well-versed producers in the electronic music sphere.

The ‘Horror Show’ music video is available now via Music High Court.


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