Tycho Leaves Boston In Awe With 2019 Tour Performance For New Album ‘Weather’

photo by robby j fields

Last week, Scott Hansens smooth musical ensemble known as, Tycho, graced Boston’s Wang theatre with a stunning tour performance for new album ‘Weather’. Musicfests365 was front and center for the completely revamped lighting and visuals that made an already immersive performance that much deeper. The ambient sounds of Tycho were made complete by usual suspects, Zac Brown on the guitar, Billy Kim on the bass guitar, keyboards, and synths, Rory O’Connor on the drums, and Hannah Colltrell as head vocalist. Often using downtempo synthesizers and organic sounds like rain, wind, a person softly speaking, Tycho harnesses a unique musical skill that trances the audience into both a relaxing and joyous state.

Packed with velvet red and gold seating accompanied by stunning handmade woodwork head to toe, the Wang theatre provided the perfect backdrop for the calming yet dance filled rhythms of Tycho. The new album is a must see live for any Tycho fan new or old.

Musicfests365 was able to capture some of the beauty in action, make sure to check out the photos below as well our photo gallery; https://musicfests365.wordpress.com/photos/ for our complete Tycho album along with all of our festival and show photo albums!

Tycho Tour Details

You can catch Tycho live as they continue their 2019 Weather tour with stops in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Florida’s Hulaween Music and Arts Festival next.

photo by robby j fields
photo by robby j fields
photo by robby j fields
photo by robby j fields
photo by robby j fields

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