Chris Watson Unveils Debut EP ‘Real Life’

While working tirelessly to perfect his signature sound fueled by ambient soundscapes and house melodies, UK based DJ and producer Chris Watson now makes a rousing return with a four-track freshmen EP ‘Real Life’, available now on all streaming platforms.

Comprised of four diverse tracks, the ‘Real Life’ EP is an eclectic medley of house, electro-pop and ambient soundscapes that will surely uplift listeners. With hefty ambitions and a unique artistic prowess, Watson produced the ‘Real Life’ EP hoping to spread a message of positivity while also attempting to break down the detrimental effects of modern social media norms.

“After seeing many of my friends affected by anxiety and depression that was worsened by social media, I felt the need to create uplifting music and spread happiness through my sound; which has always been my mission since my teenage years”, said Watson.

Beginning with ‘Real Life’ the EP namesake serves as a short 50-second introduction to emphasize the of toxicity of excessive social media habits. EP standout 2005 is an uplifting electro-house hit that welcomes listeners to the dance floor as nostalgic lyrics overlay a warm summertime melody. Following ‘2005’ comes serene track ‘Needing You’ featuring vocal overlays from Evie Joy, delivering a message of love and light. The final and bonus ambient track ‘Words Without Thinking’ displays a palpable contrast between the rest of the EP, serving as a testament to Watson’s true ambidexterity as a producer.

With a slew of impressive accomplishments under his belt, Watson’s independently released debut single ‘Make The Crowd Go’ has amassed a collective 1,000,000 streams across digital streaming platforms since its release. With 2005’ and the ‘Real Life’ EP surely to generate a similar amount of attention, Chris Watson will continue to cement his place within the electronic music sphere as he begins the next chapter of his budding career.

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