Notaker Delivers Explosive Progressive Single ‘From Dust to Ashes’ out now via Monstercat

Innovative producer Notaker returns with his first original single “From Dust & Ashes” since the early 2019 release of his revered PATH.FINDER EP “From Dust & Ashes” arrives merely a month following his participation in Haywyre’sPanorama:Discover remix EP. The single showcases Notaker’s complexity as a producer and serves as an excellent continuation of his ‘Vessel’ storyline.  ‘From Dust & Ashes’ is available now across all streaming platforms.

Ismael Valnzuela

“Returning back to the progressive sound always feels like I’m resurrecting an old part of my producer past. I think this one really encapsulates that old classic sound and feel of my production roots.” – Notaker

Much like his previous work, ‘From Dust & Ashes’ creates an immersive sonic exploration through the limits of the mind and into another dimension. Breaking through a progressive mold, Notaker creates harmony with heavy synthesizers and scintillating chords. A pulsating melody combines with a multitude of kicks to deliver a euphoric five-minute auditory masterpiece. The track effortlessly encompasses the unique sound that Notaker has become known for and gives listeners a glimpse into what’s to come.

Notaker has achieved global recognition with outstanding releases on Monstercat and mau5trap. Defining himself as an artist with meticulous sound design, he has crafted an ability to create viscerally – often combining concepts, artwork, and records that fall into a singular narrative. The release of ‘From Dust & Ashes’ continues to pave the way for Notaker’s sound to dominate the electronic music sphere. Notaker’s carefully crafted sound + visual elements continue to place him at the forefront of upcoming talent in the industry. 

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