Gem & Jam in Arizona to start off the 2020 Festival Season

Gem & Jam takes place in Tucson, Arizona January 31 – Feb 2 2020, and has been bringing a lot of attention from the rest of the country to Arizona. Gem & Jam is a 3 day Camping festival, one of the first I know this early in the festival season. Names like Tipper, Big Gigantic, Twiddle, The Floozies, Manic Focus, Mersiv, Mystic Grizzly, and Supertask will take the stage over the weekend.

They will feature live artists, which have been posted on Instagram, and will be auctioning off a lot of the art on Sunday of the festival, with proceeds going to charity.

Weather in the area is usually at the lowest 40 degrees, and 70 during the day. You will definitely need to dress WARM for this festival, as even though it’s Arizona, Arizona can still get chilly in the winter.

3 Day-GA Tickets right now are going for $211, and $176 for a car camping passes. This is definitely one of the best deals this festival season for the lineup, and I’m excited to check out the Arizona festival scene !

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