HomeBass announces ‘Hotel Elsewhere’ with STS9, Clozee, Jade Cicada & More

HomeBass just announced their summer event for 2020 scheduled for May 1-4 in Orlando with STS9, Clozee, Jade Cicada, and many more. HomeBass is originally known for their hotel events that they host during EDC Orlando.

If your not familiar with them, they take over an entire hotel, rent out all the rooms only to people attending EDC, host pool parties during the day & after parties at night once EDC’s over, with full LED wall visuals, lasers, lights, and amazing sound.

I attended HomeBass during EDC Orlando in 2018, and it made EDC a whole different festival. Normally, once you left EDC you weren’t at a festival anymore. Yea, you could go to an official afterparty, but you had to interact with the “real world” to get to and from there. If you were staying at HomeBass, once you got back to the hotel you were where your room was, and the afterparty. They also offer a shuttle to and from EDC so you don’t have to drive at all.

After a long night of partying, whether you make it past sunrise or you crash earlier and wake up early enough, they had an all you can eat breakfast buffet as well and unlimited mimosa special, that really made my morning.

Last year, HomeBass hosted their first solo event, an event at a hotel during the summer in Orlando, not based around another festival. Obviously it did amazingly well and they are coming back even stronger this year.

STS9 is headlining with 2 sets, Clozee & Jade Cicada are co-headliners, and the undercard is stacked with names like INZO, Justin Jay, Keys N Krates, & Of The Trees.

Rooms & Tickets can be purchased at HomeBass.com

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