The Danger In Rave Culture

Rave culture is one of the most euphoric, welcoming, and family like environments in the music scene. Between the wooks, kandi kids, and flow artists. It’s hard to come across a “Karen” in the scene. Despite the beauty in rave culture there is a topic unspoken of in the community that’s killing us; substance abuse.

Bright lights, loud music, fun people, good vibes. All seem to be the perfect combination to make taking any concoction of drugs seem okay. And if you ask any one in the scene everyone either has or has had to babysit their friends who have done them. While of course it makes sense things like molly, ecstasy , and LSD have their place in the EDM community. (Due to the enhancing effects and popularity of the drugs). They have played a huge role in the constant loss we have to face in our scene.

Using drugs every weekend is all fun and games until someone dies. In the United States alone, overdose rates in the past 10 years have skyrocketed. In the rave community, everyone knows someone who has overdosed. It’s easy to go too far by mistake which is constantly happening, even to the veteran ravers. While not all ods are fatal, a lot of them are. It seems like every week I see people who I met at different shows or festivals, who were awesome people, have their profiles flooded in RIP. It’s tragic that the things that bring us all together at times can be the most destructive. While of course the frequent use of drugs at raves is clearly dangerous, it’s obvious that it’s so intertwined into the culture that it’s not going to stop anytime soon. Even though I’m not here to advocate for using or experimenting with drugs, there are ways to use safer.

One of the most important rules of any festival is to stay hydrated, this is especially important for the person living off just chicken fingers and molly for the day. If you forgot to bring water, we have all been there, look for tents like Dance Safe. They will provide water for you! Another way to keep yourself safe while using drugs, is to test them. So you at least know what you’re taking is what you think you are. If you don’t have these testing kits, Dance Safe tents at festivals also provide that service to help keep ravers safe. The most important way to keep yourself safe when doing drugs at a rave or festival, is to make sure you’re around people who care about you! While of course any stranger with a heart will be there to help you, the people you go with should be looking out for you. Make sure your friends know what you’re taking and how much of it. In a time of an emergency it can be life or death.

Music festivals and raves are some of the most magical places on earth containing people who radiate love. Making our community safer may seem like a distant dream, but it’s within reach. We are all one big dysfunctional family in this scene. Let’s take care of each other, stay hydrated, and have fun.

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