Hidden Gems from Porter Robinson’s Secret Sky 2021

Last week, Porter Robinson premiered his second installment of his virtual music festival, Secret Sky.

Porter Robinson’s unique take on electronic music made it no surprise that he would bring some equally as unique artists to his festival. Regardless of your preferred genre of music, these are some artists from Secret Sky that are worth listening to.

1.) Laxcity

Quickly-Rising UK Producer Laxcity Delivers Bright ...

Laxcity’s set brought a unique almost future bass vibe with some hard flume Esque breakbeats and glitch breaks. Nevertheless, Laxcity introduced his own music. I would describe his music as lofi-soft future bass, akin to Shallou. Overall I enjoyed his set and his music. If this description sounds appealing then it is worth checking him out.

2.) James Ivy

New Music - Page 2 - Alfitude

James Ivy brought the heat. Don’t expect electronic music from this guy, if you’re a fan of indie-alt rock then please take the time to check him out. His music ranges from soft and melodic to hard and emotional. Some songs will make you want to cry and other songs like “SICK” are reminiscent of emotional alt-rock jams from high school. Regardless, I became a huge fan of James, and his cover of Porter’s “Something Comforting” will make you cry.

3.) Swardy

Swardy at Secret Sky 2021 - YouTube

Probably one of my favorite sets during the festival. Both visually and sonically pleasing, Swardy delivered a very distinct set that takes you on a soft and ethereal journey filled with analog synthesizers, melodic piano playing, and foley looped beats. It is hard for me to describe this set and his music. All I got to say is: go watch it. You will not stop watching.

4.) Kero Kero Bonito

Indie band Kero Kero Bonito talks pop, boring pop and Linkin Park

The UK-based hyper-pop trio delivered an electrifying performance. Their setlist consisted of songs from their twin albums: Civilization I and Civilization II. The message from these two albums was about humanity and its ability to love and persevere. I was never the biggest KKB fan before, I found their older stuff to be a bit too hyper-pop-y and almost K-pop esque for my taste. Nothing against those genres, just not my cup of tea. However, their latest work marks a shift in their music style and delivery. Their utilization of synthesizers and 80’s style drum beats gave it an almost synth-pop feel, nevertheless, they were still able to stick to their hyper-pop roots. Sarah Midori Perry’s soft and comforting voice created an entrancing/hypnotic feel. After their set, I became a fan of KKB and I will be sure to keep up with their work.

5.) DJ Potaro


DJ Potaro made me cry.

Really though, despite being a meme, DJ Potaro’s setlist was yet again, fire. Last year, Potaro dropped some OG Porter Robinson early 2010’s electro house. This year, DJ Potaro dropped some banging Drum and Bass and hardstyle. Yes DJ Potaro is real and yes he can DJ.

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