The ‘Mythical’ LP

MusicFests365 is back with some new tunes fresh out of the Producer Dojo camp. We are always super excited for releases from this team and look forward to covering them more moving forward because this entire collective puts out some very serious sound.

Diving straight into it, this month we bring you ‘Mythical‘, a new LP from up and coming Nashville, TN, based producer, ‘Mammyth‘.

As a ninja of Producer Dojo’s Class of 808, Mammyth is constantly stretching and redefining his idea of self-expression, and evolving his sound further. His album, ‘Mythical‘, features a cornucopia of different sounds, styles. and influences – resulting in a raw fusion of emotion and danceability. Whether your preference is for vocal-based melodic house, or party anthems, to downtempo, this LP is loaded with variety that is bound to resonate within you.

From the beginning of time, music has always existed. Some date the first songs back to thousands of years ago, but others date the start of musical creation from earlier on. Regardless of when music was first birthed, this fact still stands – creativity has always been residing in the core of humanity.

The journey of every producer is to feel the music that already exists, and to let it flow through their own self expression. This blissful feeling is the driving force behind the “Mythical” LP. The heart of this project was birthed by breaking down barriers, and lies that say that finding your own voice is impossible – that it’s only a “myth.” The goal of this project is to inspire others to start the same journey, and to find their own voice by breaking through barriers of their own.”
– Producer Dojo

A full listen will show every newcomer that each and every track holds its own unique sound and truly exhibits the wide and expansive producing range encompassed by Anthony Brewer or Mammyth. The first track on the LP, “Liftoff”, starts the journey with a nice melodic, bass heavy tune serving as the perfect welcome into what is a beautifully produced and diverse piece of work. Halfway through the LP we meet “Cap’n Crunk”, an absolute slapper – plain and simple. This track has layers on layers and is one I would love to hear live; especially on a big speaker rig! About 2:20 into “Cap’n Crunk”, Mammyth hits us with one of the more fun beat switch ups I’ve heard in quite some time. Loved this track start to finish.

My top 3 personal favorite tracks are “Nostalgia”, a bit of a slower track and another I would love to hear live; perfect for a nice breather section in a set. Another favorite of mine was the up-tempo party track dubbed “Shake” – super fun lyrics and vibe, I can see a crowd/listeners having a good time with this one. Last but not least for me is”Cap’N Crunk”!

Overall, we highly suggest you give this whole work a listen. The sound range and production quality is seriously impressive and we are excited to see Anthonys next pieces of work.

1. Liftoff
2. Funk Garden
3. Morning
4. Cap’n Crunk
5. Floating
6. Shake
7. Wandering
8. Nostalgia
9. Take Your Pain

Please give Mammyth a listen and follow; Links below:
Mythical LP:


Producer Dojo Bio


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