Valley Of Souls

Up next for some new music to keep your July rocking is a new 3 track LP from ‘MiMOSA‘ dubbed, ‘Valley Of Souls‘. The deep melodic bass each track holds is sure to sound sweet on some good speakers and we are looking forward to hopefully hearing this one live some time soon. We really enjoyed this project, start to finish.

” ‘Valley Of Souls‘ is a deep and beautiful journey filled with melodic and introspective beats that instantly touch the listener. The title tune draws heavily on influences like Burial’s beautiful Untrue album, except for every point that makes Burial sound like a grey day in London, MiMosa brings his flare to the organic Garage sounding beats with his signature heavy pads, that soften the sound and bring on a whole different set of emotions. Bones then takes you on a melancholic stroll through nature, the dissonant vocal samples and spaciousness of the tune are a reminder to breathe through the sadness eminent in the tune. The release closes out with Solitude, a tune that can be described as a warm embrace from Mother Earth or some other matriarch, the beats imitating a heartbeat and while you’re back in a womb like place, the vocals serve as comfort. You’ll find it hard not to take a deep breathe and feel the peace and comfort of these beautiful tunes.

MiMOSA has been a pioneer, a producer who breaks molds, sometimes polarizing and yet always stepping up to the mark to make an impression and a significant impact on electronic music. He has already had standout tunes reach 10 million individual streams and is able to produce for the listener as much as for the dance floor.

Track List
1. Valley Of Souls
2. Bones
3. Solitude

Flower Of life EP

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