The “Lo-Fi Utopie” EP

The “Lo-Fi Utopie” EP

We are super excited for this EP over at 365 as the last few Producerdojo drops have been wonderful pieces of art. Utopie is sure to be on this summers playlist and beyond.

The Lo-Fi Utopie EP is a beautiful story about a soul who is searching to remember herself. She goes on a journey to rediscover what she has long forgotten. Each song represents an experience that makes her glow and learn how to love more. It is a memory of the feelings and human connections that resonate so strongly, that she is able to finally find her heart, without really knowing what comes next.

Pre-save the Lo-Fi Utopie EP here!


  1. Breakfast in Paris
  2. Lianhua
  3. Sakura
  4. Same Mistakes
  5. Coming Down On A Gloomy Day
  6. Game Over



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