iiiPoints Coming to MIAMI this October

After a long awaited year of little to no live music, iiiPoints is coming back to Miami this fall! iiiPoints is set to take place October 22nd & 23rd, which happens to be the weekend before Halloween. It boasts a stacked lineup with names like The Strokes, Eric Prydz, Rufus Du Sol, Wu-Tang Clan, Zhu, & Three 6 Mafia; just to name a few.

iiiPoints has various audio & visual immersive environments with multiple different themes & experiences within each one. These range from large scale murals, to live graffiti, & everything else in between. iiiPoints is an oasis of art & culture.

It doesn’t stop at the art installations, iiiPoints hosts 6 unique stages of various sizes throughout the festival. Isotropic will remind some of you of Club Space, Mind Melt & Mainframe are the big rooms hosting many of the bigger artists. If your looking for a smaller more intimate stage, the Boiler Room & Door IV will be more your pace, & Sector 3 is somewhere in between all those. No matter what mood your in, iiipoints will have a stage & a vibe to match!

If you haven’t been to Miami before, let this be the perfect time for you to go. The city of Miami never sleeps. iiipoints goes from 5 PM-5 AM everyday but if you find yourself still ready to party after that, you can still head to one of the many clubs in Miami that commonly stay open & packed with people till 10, 11 AM at-least, & sometimes later. Tickets are 95% sold out so hop on yours today if you want to experience iiipoints for yourself!

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