IMAGINE MUSIC FESTIVAL taking the old TomorrowWorld venue in 2021

IMAGINE MUSIC FESTIVAL taking the old TomorrowWorld venue in 2021

Imagine Music Festival has been in a hit in the southeast especially the last few years at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, but this year attendees are in for a treat. Not only is Imagine bringing in one of their best lineups yet, but they have moved venues from Atlanta to Chattahoocheee Hills, GA; or as many know the old TomorrowWorld venue.

TomorrowWorld was a spin off of the Belgium festival “Tomorrowland”. It only lasted from 2013-2015 due to a series of bad weather combining with the fact that the main road to the festival became unusable due to mud. I’m sure the team at Iris Presents knows about this, as they are from Atlanta, I’m sure some of them were even at TomorrowWorld when all of that bad weather happened.

I for one did not ever get to attend TomorrowWorld, but from everyone I’ve talked to that has, they said that venue is a magical place. This makes me excited to see what Imagine can bring to the table. Imagine has already been a huge success every single year, & every year they seem to just bring more & more improvements to the table. All of this combined with the lineup they have this year has me excited & curious exactly how it will all turn out. I’m sure if it all goes well & iris made the proper improvements to the infrastructure of the festival grounds, Imagine will become a nationwide known major festival; along the likes of Electric Forest, Okeechobee, & Hulaween.

Tickets & camping passes are still available online, buy yours today before it sells out ! You don’t want to miss this years Imagine .


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