GhettoTech by Dov1!

Stream Here:

Dov1 drops a fresh one on us with another sampling of what to expect on his forthcoming album Martian Juke Joint, an album where he fuses futuristic and experimental concepts with Juke, Footwork, Junglist and Electro Beats.

GhettoTech is unrestrained, infectious and relentlessly booty shaking and bouncy. Even if you listen to this one sitting down, you might find yourself doing some sort of swing dance swivel in your chair.

The stage is set with almost industrial sounding atmospherics, with a raw and gritty rockabilly sort of guitar undertone on top of the rolling bounce of 808 beats. Moog whips and whizzes hype the tune in select parts, enhancing the swing on the beats. If we are indeed about to have a roaring twenties, this sort of fresh aesthetic is well needed a bound to get people moving.

GhettoTech by Dov1

In his role as founder & owner of Muti Music, and the other labels he has / does play roles in; Medicine, Producer Dojo, Cyberset, Earthdance, EyePhunk and Fuel Records, Dov1 has helped define the sounds coming out of the US west coast for the past 20 years, often serving a as bridge for cross continental influences and collaborations to happen. and has frequently been an early adopter / promoter of emerging bass music genres.

Stream Here:

GhettoTech will be releasing on Muti Music;

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