Trapezoid Remixed

Trapezoid Remixed

Available for Streaming/Purchase Friday, October 15, 2021!!

Trapezoid features the head honcho of Producer Dojo, ill.Gates, alongside one of the current top artists of the Dojo, UHNK. The two combine to throw down a heavy hitting tune featuring thrashing bass over pumping beats and a good amount of glitchy effects and sound design for good measure. This tune has energy from start to finish. On Trapezoid Remixed we have diverse contributions from the very talented artists of ill.Gates’ Producer Dojo community. Putting their own special twist on the energetic dance floor banger, we go on a wild ride courtesy of Life is A Gala, Parmajan, Pirate Radio and ill.Gates himself with a Drum and Bass VIP of the original. Take the ride and find out for yourself why our favorite shape is a Trapezoid.

Artist Bios:
Life is a Gala – Gala Aranaga is a music composer, producer, and sound artist creating work for site-specific installations, durational performances, and television. Her foundations in classical, jazz, and world music combine with her somatic awareness as a dancer to inspire work that is intricate and intimate, poetic and powerful. Gala has also released music as Goyopod and frequently collaborates with performance ensemble Bad Unkl Sista.

Parmajan is the project of producer and artist, Yuri Stickney. Originating from Berkeley, California with a background in playing classical piano since childhood, Yuri has applied his musical foundation to the realm of DJing, EDM, and heavy bass music production. His music evokes abstract scenery within your mind, catapulting you into never heard perspectives and dimensions. His experiences in music and the piano allows for both tonal and atonal qualities, transplanted onto complex rhythms and arrangements. Parmajan’s music is characteristic of hard-hitting drums and grimy basses, offset with melodic and ambient layers and textures, capturing a vast, evolving, often high-energy musical setting.

Pirate Radio is an Alternative Dance Music duo from Brooklyn, NY, featuring Karan Mehra on the decks and live percussion and Brian Taylor on live guitars, keys, and theremin. Their live sound ranges from progressive house to trance to electro funk, with guitar licks spanning influences from Pink Floyd to Dream Theater. They have releases on Afterglow Records, Club Rapture, and Producer Dojo.

ill.GATES is a bass droppin’, educatin’, oscillator modulatin’ space genius from the future. DJing since age 13, ill.Gates has had a long and lavish career in the music business. Known for his epic collaborations with Apashe, Clozee, Excision, Destroid, KJ Sawka, Vibesquad, Beats Antique, Mimosa, Opiuo, Gucci Mane, Star Wars and the Dead Kennedys he is no stranger to the top of the charts. With 5 studio albums under his belt and hoards of unreleased original music ill.GATES is known for unforgettable live sets peppered with improvised finger drumming and original visuals. When he isn’t traveling or rocking the studio ill.GATES is mentoring the next generation of producers over at his label Producer Dojo – You can catch ill.GATES slaying dance floors on five continents as well as on the interwebs over at

UHNK – As a Chicago native, UHNK has been building a name for himself while creating music under the label of Producer Dojo. He has worked alongside ill.Gates for the last three years, hit #4 on Beatport for drum and bass with his track ‘Power’ and continues to be inspired by the likes of G-Jones, and Crystal Method. His deep style inspires others to float among the expansion of sound through entrancing drum beats and rhythmic bass.


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