Entering the Portal – an Okeechobee 2022 Guide

After being one of the last festivals to happen in 2020 before COVID locked down the entire country, Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival is finally back with festival goers as hyped as ever before! Okeechobee will take place in South Florida March 3-6 just a few hours outside of Miami & Tampa.

Okeechobee this year hosts a wide range of talent including Rezz, Two Feet, Eprom, Chee, Vctre, Tame Impala, Denzel Curry, Gary Clark Jr., Of The Trees, 1788-L, Eazybaked, Supertask, Freddy Todd, Khiva, Potions, Integrate, Megan the Stallion, Griz, Troyboi, Jai Wolf, The Glitch Mob, Papadosio, Lab Group, Rome in Silver, Black Carl!, Player Dave, Porter Robinson, Lotus, Clozee, Kasbo, Manic Focus, KLL Smth, Mize, & Veil b2b Notlö. It features 3 main stages called “Be”, “Here”, & “Now.” Those stages host most of the bigger artists but there is also 2 campground stages, “Aquachobee” & “Incendia”, which both host a lot of smaller artists, daytime beach vibe fun, & surprise late night sets around a stage built out of the obsession of pyromaniacs.

There are 2 ways to enter the Okeechobee campgrounds, & unless you’re the very first people in line you most likely will be waiting in traffic. Make sure the squad you want to camp with all meetup at a designated meeting place & don’t try to meetup at the festival grounds. A good place to meet if some people in your group need to get their tickets from will call, would be will call. That way you can make sure everyone has everything they need to get in & from there travel with your festival caravan to the festival grounds. Tell the security guards which cars your with & they usually do a great job at keeping everyone together.

Okeechobee is a huge festival so totems for a large squad is always a good idea. Be wary of the weight of your totem & also be polite to the views of others. Everyone wants to be able to see the stage & you may have made a funny sign but if it’s so big that it blocks the views of others the whole time you may want to make something smaller.

Remember to take things slow & drink plenty of water. After having to skip a year of Okeechobee it might feel like a rush to get back to the fun, but that’s exactly when people tend to overdo things. Do your best to take things slow, & ask for help if you need it. Medical teams are there to help you & your friends. If you see someone that looks like they need help but isn’t your friend, that’s exactly when you should step in, ask if they are okay, & grab the proper medical personal if they are not. They are not there to get anyone into trouble, they are there to make sure everyone stays safe.

Okeechobee is one of those festivals that is a magical place, city festivals & other events can be fun but certain grounds like Okeechobee have a magical element to them that can only be explained by attending. Start your 2022 off right by Entering the Portal. . .

Tickets are almost sold out so if you haven’t gotten yours get yours today!

Get your Okeechobee tickets HERE !

by Brice Mulholland

Heres a link to some photos from Aquachobee in 2020

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