New Music Premier, MiMOSA – 666 ~!

MusicFests365 is excited to announce another new musical amazement brought to us by none other than MiMOSA.

MiMOSA has no doubt lost none of his musical swagger and performance charisma. In the past year and a half, his continuous stream of both melodic tunes and absolute bangers is evidence of that. 666 is a ‘no holds barred’ bass music full frontal banger of a tune. Eery synths lead you into a murky space, the uneasy tension holds for a moment before the ruthlessly banging drop takes place, the moment calls for rampant head banging or at the very least an extended head bob. 666 is from the forthcoming album 369 by MiMOSA, dropping in 20 April 2022.

MiMOSA has been a pioneer, a producer who breaks molds, always stepping up to the mark to make an impression and a significant impact on electronic music. He has already had standout tunes reach 10 million individual streams and is able to produce for the listener as much as for the dance floor. His recent tour and series of releases are indication that he’s been in his batcave, creating and recreating and now we get to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

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