Wobble Boogie Premier!

MF365 back here with another super exciting premier from The Red Giant Project. Fresh off of some killer performances at Electric Forest and Lighting In A Bottle, The Red Giant Project provides us with some cool new tunes foe the hot summer months! This group is sure to provide a unique and rare sound that will intrigue any music lover.

Here’s a clip of them playing this weeks submission at Electric Forest:

Since the release of Red Giant Project’s debut album in 2020, we have seen them featured on numerous Blogs, Podcasts, Radio shows and interviews.  Outlets such as Upcoming 100, Hip Hop Weekly and even The Source magazine featured their music with feedback that makes us glow with appreciation. Red Giant Project could be called RnB and Blues pumped up on Bass music. Or just as easily labeled Americana, Neo-Soul Trap, or even Lofi-Downtempo. Ambient poetry, strong hooks and vocal synths dance through gritty, analog sound.  Beauty is the intention. 

Red Giant Project is a true collection of different abilities, working with collaborators and other influences, maximized within a vastly detailed sound design. Core composers and members of Red Giant Project are Matt Madonna who has previous success with his retired EDM project Love & Light, Matthew Burke, who is also known for his work as Vokab Kompany and singer songwriter Shane Hall. 

“A red giant is a star glowing at its brightest, and that name evokes the skill of the musicians in the group as well as the beauty of the music.” 
The Source 

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