Kharmelo Unveils House Alias ‘Cryptic Shadow’

Venezuelan DJ and producer Carmelo Borrego previously known as Kharmelo, hones in on a more house-centered sound with the birth of new alias Cryptic Shadow. ‘Body’ marks the first official release under the current alias and is out now across all digital streaming platforms.

Lending his own distinctive take on the house genre, Cryptic Shadow showcases his revamped artistic prowess with titular track ‘Body’ off his forthcoming EP. ‘Body’ accentuates bouncing synths and a pulsing bassline overlaid with hypnotic vocals that overtake listeners while falling into a deep funk-infused drop.

Although Cryptic Shadow is a neoteric name to the scene, Carmelo Borrego is no stranger to the dance music world. With an abundance of accomplishments under his previous alias, the innate house producer will now continue to cultivate his sound as Cryptic Shadow, bringing forth infectious new track ‘Body’ from upcoming ‘Body’ EP. The release of ‘Body’ is a testament to the blossoming producer’s efforts to reimagine his musical vision and surely sets the tone for what’s to come from the Cryptic Shadow project. 

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