EDC Orlando 2021 is set for this November.

The moment we Florida festival-goers have been waiting for, EDC Orlando has finally released their 2021 lineup.

For Bass heads and headbangers alike, this lineup may seem unappealing. The only noticeable bass acts that stand out include artists such as GJones, Subtronics, Blunts and Blondes, Eazybaked, Excision, Jauz, and a few others. Therefore, at first glance, the amount of bass can feel a little lacking.

Or is it?

There may be a lack of noticeable names, but there are a lot of small and up-and-coming bass acts scattered throughout the lineup. Smaller artists from the discovery project such as Tape B, Jinx, Celo, Too Kind, and several others are filling in the gaps for some of the other larger bass acts. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to discover some of the potential bass artists that will take the baton from the artists we currently know and love right now.

To move along, EDC has spoiled us with house music. Tech house, bass house, trance, techno, big room, and hardstyle. This lineup is reminiscent of an Ultra lineup and could be an excellent opportunity to discover other genres. Personally, I would recommend Green Velvet, Kill Script, Patrick Topping, and Moon Boots. They are all various house artists with their own unique styles. However, I always encourage you to do your own discovery.

Regardless of whether you are a bass head or house lover, EDC Orlando consistently provides a variety of artists for everyone to enjoy and discover.

Happy raving, stay safe, and I hope to see you all there!

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